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metal stamping fabrication

metal stamping fabrication

metal stamping fabrication and secondory processing

1)Equipment: we have 10-250 MT punching machine, linear cutting Machine, bending machine, welding machine etc.
2)Material: Steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, zinc, aluminium, aluminum alloy etc.
3)Process: Sheet metal cutting, punching, Stamping, deep drawn, machining, welding and assembly etc.
4)Surface Treatment: Anodizing, Black Oxide, Bright/Black/Satin Chrome, Deburring, Dipping, E-coat, Bright/Black/Satin/Antique Nickel, Painting, Hand/Electro Polishing, Powder Coating, White/Blue/Yellow Zinc, Gold, Dull

5)Applications: automotive, telecom, construction industry,  kitchen and sanitary equipment, machine tools and other industrial.

If you are looking for the following job shops, designers and manufacturers to produce custom metal stamping parts and metal fabrication for your project,Please contact us. Kindly send us your CAD drawing or sketch for quotation. Drawing version: CAD,PDF,WORD,JPG,JPEG. etc.

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